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Coming to PBS tonight, Tuesday, May 5:

Christopher Bruce

World Premiere:
ITV British TV broadcast (April 2020)

An exploration of the impact of WWII on the British monarch.

When Great Britain entered WWII in September 1939, Princess Elizabeth was only 13 years old. As demonstrated in director Christopher Bruce’s competent hour-long doc, her experiences for the duration served as a literal coming of age that would uniquely prepare her for the throne some 13 years later. Following a brief introduction that lays out the unexpected developments that made Elizabeth the heir presumptive, the film proceeds to highlight her activities during the war, including initially being sent away to the relative safety of the countryside before becoming more involved as a public figure as she matured, volunteering for the war effort by participating in fundraisers, delivering radio addresses, and eventually joining the Auxiliary Territorial Service as a driver, making her the only current world head of state to have served in the military during WWII. While the project’s brief run time make it difficult to dig particularly deep, it benefits enormously from rare archival footage, most likely little seen by general audiences.

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  1. This was shown over here last month. Didn’t watch it though. https://monthlycritic.wordpress.com/2020/05/02/calm-with-horses/ My latest review of you fancy reading.

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