In Virtual Release: 2040

Photo: Madmen Films

Coming to virtual theatrical tomorrow, Friday, June 5:

Damon Gameau

World Premiere:
Berlin 2019

Select Festivals:
Seattle, Virginia

The filmmaker tries to envision a hopeful future for his young daughter based on the adoption of practical environmental solutions.

Concerned about mankind’s environmental impact on the planet, and what it may mean for his four-year-old daughter’s future, filmmaker Damon Gameau sets out around the world – acknowledging his project’s carbon footprint in the process – to seek out practical, attainable solutions to reverse the negative aspects of climate change. Along the way, he pauses to imagine what life will be like for his grown daughter in 2040 if these solutions are actually implemented, using visual effects and some hokey humor. Gameau’s film is a well-meaning and informative project, and, no doubt, for many viewers, his optimistic take will be a welcome one, compared to the more typical doom and gloom tone most environmentally focused docs tend to take. That said, he unfortunately borrows from the Michael Moore/Morgan Spurlock school of documentary filmmaking, serving as the near-constant on-air guide and narrator, making the film far too much about himself and his journey – an off-putting decision that makes the film feel somewhat amateurish and derivative, despite its best intentions.

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