New to VOD this week:

Jaak Kilmi and Gints Grube

World Premiere:
Sheffield 2019

Select Festivals:
Jihlava, Riga, Cinema Verite, EBS International Doc

A woman explores the impact of her father’s life as a Soviet double agent.

Ieva Lešinska-Geibere was born in Soviet Latvia during the Cold War. In 1978, at the age of 20, a rare visit to the US to visit her father irrevocably changed her life. Ieva discovered that her father, who worked for Soviet mission at the United Nations, was not only a KGB spy, but that he was planning to defect. Ieva was offered the choice of joining him, leaving her mother and life in Latvia behind to live under a new identity in the US, or of protecting herself by heading to the Soviet embassy. Now a translator and journalist, Ieva recounts this transformative time in her life, revisiting locations and speaking to former federal agents who played a role, while also trying to make sense of her fraught relationship with her parents as a result of these Cold War spy games. Filmmakers Jaak Kilmi and Gints Grube enliven an already fascinating story with the clever use of stylized photographic re-enactments, adding another layer to Lešinska-Geibere’s unusual tale of secrets and lies.

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