New to DVD/VOD this week:

Brian Morrison

World Premiere:
Slamdance 2020

Select Festivals:
RiverRun, deadCENTER, Tallgrass, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Newport Beach

A Marine copes with his PTSD by walking across the country, visiting fellow veterans.

Jon Hancock joined the US Marine Corps straight out of high school, completed boot camp just days before September 11, 2001, and joined an infantry battalion nicknamed the Magnificent Bastards, which would suffer 25% fatalities. Like many veterans, after he returned to civilian life, Hancock suffered from PTSD, which resulted in self-destructive behavior, excessive drinking, fighting, and a suicide attempt. Filmmaker Brian Morrison follows the wounded warrior as he sets out on a cross country walk to reconnect with his former brothers-in-arms or their surviving family, having discovered that walking helped him manage his PTSD. Accompanying these reunions are surprisingly candid, vulnerable discussions about the impact of war on soldiers, highlighting the lack of proper counseling and preparedness they are given as they transition away from service and back into society. While the film is worthwhile for this honesty and earnestness, it is also excessively long, with too many unnecessary music interludes that mainly serve as padding and diminish the doc’s overall affect.

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