In Theatres/Virtual Release: LOS HERMANOS/THE BROTHERS

Coming to theatres and to virtual cinemas tomorrow, Friday, May 14:

Marcia Jarmel, Ken Schneider

World Premiere:
Woodstock 2020

Select Festivals:
DOC NYC, Miami, Havana, GlobeDocs, BendFilm, Mill Valley, Ashland

During the thaw in US/Cuban relations, two brothers, both gifted musicians, long separated by borders, reunite for a joint tour through both countries.

The film screened as part of DOC NYC, for which our program notes read:
Brothers and gifted musicians, pianist Aldo and violinist Ilmar were separated during childhood after Ilmar left their native Cuba to study abroad, beginning a lifetime of being physically apart, yet alway connected by music. Brief windows of open US/Cuban relations allow the brothers’ joyous reunions where they revel in each others’ company and create beautiful classical, jazz, and Latin music together. Filmmakers Ken Schneider and Marcia Jarmel take the viewer on a delightful musical tour through Cuba and the US, with appearances from acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell.

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