New Directors/New Films 2011: Documentary Overview

The 40th edition of New Directors/New Films, a co-presentation of the Museum of Modern Art and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, begins this Wednesday, March 23 and runs through Sunday, April 3.

Of the series’ carefully curated twenty-eight feature-length titles, there are four documentaries and one hybrid doc/drama. These include two of my favorite recent Sundance titles, THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE 1967-1975 and SHUT UP LITTLE MAN! AN AUDIO MISADVENTURE (which I’ve previously written about here and here respectively), and music doc HIT SO HARD (covered in my SXSW round-up here).

Remaining titles are EL VELADOR (pictured), by Natalia Almada, whose last film, EL GENERAL debuted at Sundance in 2009, and SUMMER OF GOLIATH (VERANO DE GOLIAT), by Nicolás Pereda, whose narrative, PERPETUUM MOBILE, screened at Cannes in 2009.

As a fan of her previous work, I’ve been eager to see Almada’s new film since I heard her pitch it at IDFA’s Forum last year under the working title EL JARDIN. While I’m unfortunately not familiar with Pereda’s work, I’m intrigued by ND/NF’s description and hope to get a chance to see his new film.

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